The Kingdom Without End: A Retreat Guide on Christ the King

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Every Sunday when we pray the Creed at Mass we profess our faith in Jesus Christ, affirming that “he will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his Kingdom will have no end.”

This seems like an important point for Christ’s followers to keep in mind. And yet, how often do we actually think about it? How deeply have we considered it? What really comes into our minds when we read the Bible passages that speak to us about Christ’s Kingship and his Kingdom?

Those are some of the questions we will explore in this retreat guide: The Kingdom without End: A Retreat Guide on Christ the King.

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  1. Excelent retreat guide, Thanks Father Bartunek, I liked what you explained as be “poor in spirit” so we can offre our sufferings to our Lord. I remember each Easter the 14 stations, this verse: Oh, Jesus Christ, Who for your Holy Cross redeemed the World,

    I also liked how you taljed about being citizens of HiS kINGDOM.

    God Bless You

    Gonzalo Valdivia

    Lima, Perú

  2. All of the Retreat videos that I have tried do not had audio. In the past when I viewed the retreats, there was no problem with sound. Please advise. I do not have audio problems with other websites. Thank you. Jeanne

    1. Dear Jeanne, Thanks for letting us know! Our audio appears to be working now. You can listen to any of our Retreat Guides with audio only if you wish. You will notice the rectangular boxes above the first video, “Video”, “Audio”, “Print”. If you select audio, you can listen to the entire Retreat Guide (questions for reflection and quotations too). You can also check out our podcast channel on iTunes to listen to any of our Retreat Guides, talks, meditations, and podcasts.

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