All Things Proceed: A Regnum Christi Essay on Recognition and Communion

by Fr. John Pietropaoli LC SThL

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The term communion has considerable currency both in the Church and in Regnum Christi’s renewal. We have a shared sense that God wants us to experience the gift of communion. But the term has a meaning far deeper than simply all getting along or treating each other in a civil fashion to get things done.

The new movements in the Church help give flesh and blood to the Universal Call to Holiness. And holiness, union with God, is only in communion. Living and evangelizing in true communion—as lay people, consecrated men and women, and priests—we show that, with God, this is possible. And since what we pray and think about shapes our actions, further reflection on communion is both relevant and enriching.

The experience of true communion is that glimpse of heaven that we can offer to an achingly anonymous world, and it’s what we’ll explore in the following essay.

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