Love will find a way: Weekly Message for 05-07-2024

Dear Friends in Christ,

People send in all kinds of questions to RC Spirituality, ranging from family matters to prayer to moral issues.

Not every question can be fielded, unfortunately, given the time restraints and number of inquiries that arrive. But the vast majority receive an answer.

Occasionally, though, when a carefully crafted response is e-mailed to the inquirer, it bounces back with a “no address found” notification.

The problem is that the inquirer misspelled the return e-mail address. The result: the person likely never sees the answer.

That used to be a cause of frustration for Ask a Priest. It’s like being a cook who prepares an elaborate meal, only to have the diners bail out at the last minute. The food seems to go to waste.

Experience and prayer have taught, however, that even the bounced-back e-mails don’t go to waste. They can be posted on the webpage for all to read, for instance.

Moreover, the questions give Ask a Priest a chance to reflect and research and explain a Church teaching in an accessible way (we hope). That exercise makes other similar e-mails easier to answer.

Those e-mails that bounce back also serve another purpose: They are a reminder that God isn’t limited by the Internet.

Our Lord can easily find other ways to help the people who send in questions. The very fact that they send questions shows that they are seeking the truth and are probably open to the workings of the Spirit.

That openness is the fertile ground on which the Spirit likes to work. For God’s love is eternal (see The Mystery of Eternal Love: A Retreat Guide on the Blessed Trinity on the subject) and will find a way to move hearts.

Still … if you plan to send in a question, please be sure to double-check your return e-mail address.

In Christ,

Father Edward McIlmail, LC
Ask a Priest contributor

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