Poetry Matters: A Regnum Christi Essay on How Poetry Nourishes Our Integral Formation

By Fr. Bruce Wren, LC STL

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One important aspect of integral formation is what Regnum Christi describes as “human formation,” conceived to include the acquiring of a “rich and balanced personality, full of human virtues and values, which will serve as a solid base for the supernatural action of grace.”  The acquisition of such a formation cannot be completely achieved without an understanding and appreciation of the great poetry of our human race, and to expound on that belief is the goal of this essay.

This then is our plan: first, to explain the importance of poetry for an integral formation and the reasons behind it; secondly, to propose a possible list of poets and poems for Regnum Christi readers; and finally, to present examples of good poetry from a selected group of Regnum Christi members.  This essay intends by no means to give a complete explanation of poetry, but to introduce it in a simple way, and thus propose it to be included in the different Regnum Christi programs of integral formation.

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