The Chosen: Weekly Message for 8-16-2022

Dear Friends,

Nasa’s James Webb telescope began sending jaw-dropping images of our cosmos in mid July. It revealed numerous galaxies beyond our current knowledge; new stars, constellations and planets, billions of light years away. To even begin to grasp the magnitude of these discoveries, consider that scientists say it would take us 37,200 earth years to travel one light-year.

In one interview, I heard the scientist relate how what we were seeing was but a speck in size from our atmosphere, a mere grain of sand. And yet, in that grain of sand countless new stars and galaxies never before seen were present. The images are breathtaking. The universe is so vast that we are seeing images from 13.6 billion years in the past. WOW!

Marveling at the images, I thought of God’s promise to Abraham as he looked up at the night sky. I will bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in heaven and as the sand on the seashore” (Genesis 22:17). Abraham probably had no idea how many stars were really out there.

The God who created this incredible universe I see before my eyes; he created my very being. Yes, the stars and galaxies are incredible. But God loved us, his human creatures, so much that he became one of us, suffered for us and died for us so we could spend all of eternity in heaven with him.

He made the universe and everything in it. But He chose us! He made us in his image and likeness. The beauty of creation revealed by the telescope is mind blowing, but to God, the beauty of every human person is more precious.

When you go to sleep tonight, take a moment to look at the stars and remind yourself: the God who made the universe, chose to make you in His image and likeness.

You are His Chosen.

Yours in the Heart of Jesus,



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