Reflections of a Heart: Weekly Message for 06-04-2019

Dear Friends in Christ,

This month we celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The object of devotion here is the physical heart of Jesus, being as it is part of his sacred humanity. The ultimate object of devotion is the love of Jesus, symbolized in his heart. By honoring the visible heart of Jesus we honor the invisible love it represents.

As members of the mystical body of Christ, we too should be like the heart of Jesus, reflecting his love for the people around us. Christ wants to love others through us.

Absorbing just that one truth can change the way we live. We begin to see encounters with other people as opportunities for encouragement and charity rather than as rounds in some ongoing verbal boxing match.

Nowadays more than a few friendships and even marriages suffer because of differences over politics and ideologies. As conversations coarsen, we forget what it is that unites us: We are sons and daughters of God, here to give glory to him and to help one another get to heaven.

So how might we live this ideal better? Two suggestions come to mind.

First, try to talk about the good points in others. This lifts our own outlook and can lift the spirits of those around us. For more ideas, you might turn to the RC Essay Sharpening Your Tongue.

Second, resolve never to hit the send button when you are in a fit of anger. Written words can wield a wallop. It’s better to let an e-mail sit for a few minutes (or hours), then review it when you feel calm.

Think of these two steps as ways to better reflect something of the love of Christ in the world. That would bring no small comfort to Our Lord’s heart.

In Christ,

Father Edward McIlmail, LC
Ask a Priest contributor

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  1. Father Edward thank you for your gift sharing the message of faith so we may live a fuller life in Christ. I bought this book “Sharpening your Tongue” and have shared it with many. Every household should own one. Tough lesson to hold the tongue. Something I learned in this book is too remain silent if you don’t have anything good to say.

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